At Quiet Storm, we firmly believe that knowledge is power. Through community partnerships and sponsors, we are able to assist youth with our Out-of-School program. This program is available to students on Saturdays twice a month. We also celebrate the talents, skills, and academic achievements of high school and college students with our annual scholarship awards. Apply now!


Here at Quiet Storm, we foster creativity, enhance social skills, and provide job training within our Youth Advisory Council. Through a series of community service projects, service learning developments opportunities, and a myriad of other special events, students are challenged to take their place as leaders within the community!

Health & Wellness:

A person's health can include mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness. Quiet Storm Foundation focuses on each of these aspects individually by encouraging healthy eating habits, tips for managing stress, and so much more!

Quiet Storm Founders



Cathy T. Watson — Executive chair & Founder


Charles A. Watson senior — Founder


Charles Watson Jr. — Founder

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